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Week 1: Modality – SNC #DigPINS


This year, DigPINS is organized with new weekly themes, but we want to continue to think about how each of these influence and interact with Digital Pedagogy, Identity, Networks, and Scholarship. Week 1 is about “modality”, by which we mean the way that courses are offered online, in person, or in different hybrid models.

We’ve seen a huge modality shift with everyone moving online due to COVID-19. We also saw the creation of new modalities with so much video conferencing – traditional online learning was mostly async. How do different modalities impact your digital identity and your identity as a teacher?

Our facilitators have a video reflection for you. Use this as a starting place and then dive into the activities.


  • Sync meeting – In our sync session on Thursday (you should have received a calendar invite from me) you will experience some Visitor / Resident Mapping. You can get a jump on this by checking out these links: Visitor and Resident TypologyVideo on VR Mapping
  • If you have yet to join our Slack course site do that now and say hi
  • There are a few readings for this week posted below – use these to inspire your conversations on Slack, Twitter, or write a blog post reflection on them
  • If don’t already have one, start a Twitter account. Your account can be connected to your name or can be anonymous. If anonymous, please share with the group. If you are new to Twitter you can take a look at this: Maximizing Your Learning on Twitter. We don’t have a planned twitter activity this week but we will be watching the #DigPINS tag so come say hi
  • Write a blog post. You might consider prompts like:
    • Post and reflect on your VR map.
    • Reflect on one of the readings, and/or share a reading you find relevant for this week
    • Reflect on how the modality shifts of the pandemic relate to your identity as a teacher (or your other identities). Did you feel your identity challenged? Do you perceive that your identity has changed?
  • Comment and respond to each other in these various platforms

If you don’t get to everything don’t stress out – it is okay to treat this list as a menu and to do more of one thing than another. We just want you to be in conversation with one another and with us about this week’s topic.


Digital Identity

In Praise of Living in Public – Bonnie Stewart

Why Academics Need a Digital Persona – Laura Pasquini


Active Learning While Physically Distancing – LSU

Fun stuff

Resting Scholar Face – Tom Mullaney

Alternative Teaching Modalities in Hell – McSweeney’s