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Week 0: Overview – SNC #DigPINS


Week 0

Welcome to #DigPINS!

#DigPINS is a cohort based faculty and staff online learning community designed to introduce and expand how connected digital environments impact pedagogy, identity, networks and scholarship. 

What is Week 0? Week 0 is just a fun name to give the time before the learning community activities actually start where we will give some orientation information.

What do I have to do during Week 0?

We do have one thing that we would like you to do during week 0 and that is fill out our Doodle so that we can plan two synchronous meetings during week 1 and week 4.

There are no other activities during Week 0 though we encourage cohort participants to read through the Week 0 pages linked below and make sure you have login access to the following platforms. If it makes sense, post a hello or let us know about your personal learning goals.

  • Take our Doodle Poll for our Week One activity – it is super short
  • Slack – click on the invite in the “Welcome to #DigPINS” email you get from me
  • Choose a time to meet with me for a quick chat about what you want to get out of DigPINS. I have a link in the email you can use to sign up.

You may also want to get signed in to our blog site and Twitter, just so you are ready for next week:

  • Blog – each school has their own, you can sign to our site with your SNC email
  • Create a Twitter account, or get logged back in to yours if you already have one. Twitter is not a mandatory part of the DigPINS experience, but #DigPINS is a great place to explore how you can use Twitter as a teacher and a scholar.

Setting Learning Goals

Having a clear goal is part of being successful in this kind of learning community. As Yogi Berra said, “you can observe a lot just by watching,” but you’ll learn more if you set some targets for tools you’d like to try out, topics you’d like to explore, or activities you’d like to do. So we encourage you, in these early weeks, to spend some time thinking about your goals for the next month of #DigPINS.

Week 0 focus areas

These following Week 0 pages focus in on helpful information about #DigPINS

Overview – (Psst… you are on the Overview page)

Participation – #DigPINS is an online connected learning experience. If you have never been part of a participatory networked learning community before you will find this info helpful.

Time and Structure – What is a connected learning experience?

Digital Tools – #DigPINS uses a variety of digital tools and this page has details about many of them.