The time commitment to actively participate in this experience is estimated to be at least 3-5 hours a week, but it could be more depending on your interest and motivation. There will be a small amount of “content” for every topic (pedagogy, identity, networks, and scholarship) that will be posted here and linked in the menu above. You will spend some time consuming this content in the form of readings or videos. However, the bulk of what makes #DigPINS great is participation in conversation and community. More on participation can be found on the participation page for week 0.

For more about how our time will be focused be sure to check out the schedule page of Week 0.


Every topic (pedagogy, identity, networks, and scholarship) will have a guiding page on this site and the facilitators will post readings, videos, and planned activities for that topic. 

The #DigPINS learning community is completely online and uses a variety of digital tools which are explained in more detail on the digital tools page for week 0. Our SNC cohort is using Slack as our main communication tool with each other and the blog on this site as our main public communication tool.

Week 0 focus areas




Digital Tools