To interact, or not to interact…. that is the question!

  • Who do you interact with online?

As I mentioned in my past blog, in my late 20s I spent a lot of time online and on social media. I was in graduate school and  enjoying the free time that I had. Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time cutting down on my online time and specifically who I interact with. I’ve done several Facebook purges where I literally went through my friend list and asked myself if I was comfortable sharing details of my private life with that person. Needless to say, a lot of people were deleted. I’m still on Facebook, but very strategic about my presence, or lack thereof. All this to say I don’t really interact with many people, but I do a lot of perusing and learning from others. So instead of a two-way network, I’ve chosen to have one-way interactions with my network. I guess similar to Corday, I’ve thought a lot about what I can possibly contribute and questioned it. In the past week alone after being part of DigPins I’m learning more about what I can contribute, but not sure I’m entirely comfortable doing so!! 

  • How do you find and join networks?

The networks I’m part of change with the season. I think about what I need At that point in my life and seek out networks. Right now a lot of my networks revolve around the parenting style I’ve adopted.  Next week I’ll be joining a network that focuses on scholarly productivity and accountability. For me, it’s always need-based and I seek out what will help me grow. 

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