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The End (for now) – SNC #DigPINS

The End (for now)

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Well friends, this has been fun. Can’t say I will blog again anytime soon but this sure has been an interesting journey. I find myself surprised to be wanting MORE!

This week’s material on dissemination of scholarship and access was fascinating. I was particularly intrigued by: Open Access Explained! by PhD Comics. It broke things down to a basic-anyone-not-in-academia-can-understand level which as a non-faculty member (with a short attention span but fierce hunger to learn) I deeply appreciated. It is astounding that what is keeping these for-profit publishing systems alive is the perception of prestige. It seems like such a simple fix looking at it from the outside but monsters of our own making are often the hardest to defeat.

Other than these bangin’ blog posts of mine, I have never published through any medium/on any forum but if it is something I ever aspire to do I will do it through an open access publisher. Higher education has under scrutiny over recent years and there is a constant pressure to prove our value. It’ll be much harder to prove our worth if we continue to bury valuable knowledge in journal subscriptions, fees, and other barriers. I admire the bold folks who have started the push towards open access.

Thank you again, for allowing me to participate in #DigPINS. I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with all the brilliant people involved in this project and learning about this digital world of open teaching/learning.

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  1. Reid Riggle

    Actually, “wanting more,” is a great outcome of the #DigPINS experience. Let’s keep talking about the “next thing” for you. One of our hopes is to build a more expansive set of connections across the SNC community. You can be an advocate and guide for that aspect of our journey.

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