Relating to the millennial Generation

The internet has created an incredible ability to connect to millions around the world. I have never met anyone exclusively online, but it has been an incredible way to connect to old friends that I can’t see every day. One downside of social media is how lonely it can make a person feel. One article I read, “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation” by Jean Twenge mentioned how generations are becoming more and more lonely because of the connection on social media. At first, I did not understand what it meant but each day it makes more and more sense. As I mentioned a little bit last week, I post very differently based on who my audience is and what social media I am posting on. Facebook is mainly for family, Instagram is mainly for friends, and Snapchat is mainly to connect to friends and classmates.

The other problem on social media that has been bothering me a bit lately has been the inability to forget. So many celebrities have had their careers ruined because of tweets or posts from countless years ago. I recently went through all of my social media accounts and made sure that I deleted everything from my cringy middle school years. I am pretty careful at what I post because I am terrified of something I post ruining my career later in life.

The article “How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation” by Anne Helen Petersen really helped me to evaluate my life and open my eyes to some of the things I thought were normal. I am not a millennial, but I do understand most of the struggles of the millennial generation. I am constantly making lists and I feel unaccomplished when I can’t complete them. I heard recently that no list should be longer than seven items, and I am hoping to start following that. I also need to allow myself to have more downtime in my life and have time to shut my brain off and sit in silence. Sometimes when I do take “mental health days” I feel like it is a waste of a day and I have even more to do in even less time. I really do not like silence and always have noise around me, but I really do need to take time to shut all the electronics off around me.

Another problem that is very different for my parents than me is the necessity of college. When my mom went to college it was a privilege because she wanted to earn a better job. Basically, all of the jobs now require a college education and a Bachelor’s degree as a minimum. I am not really interested in going on to get a Master’s degree or a Doctorate. I really hope that a Bachelor’s degree is enough for me to get a good job after graduation.

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