#DigPINS – Digital Pedagogy, Identity, Networks, & Scholarship

St. Norbert College

Week 0 – Overview and Schedule

Summer 2019

Facilitators: Taylor Jadin, St. Norbert College; Joe Murphy, Kenyon College; Autumm Caines, University of Michigan – Dearborn; 

Week 0?

Welcome to #DigPINS!

#DigPINS is a cohort based faculty and staff online learning community designed to introduce and expand how connected digital environments impact pedagogy, identity, networks and scholarship. 

What is Week 0? Week 0 is just a fun name to give the time before the learning community activities actually start where we will give some orientation information.

There are no activities during Week 0 though we encourage cohort participants to at least gain login access to twitter and the blog and to reach out to facilitators with questions during this time. Week 0 may be of more importance to those who are new to #DigPINS and working in connected learning and online environments. 

Building an Online Community

Through the tradition of Communio, St. Norbert College has a deep investment in community. In the weeks that follow we will explore the possibilities of using digital tools to extend, expand, and further connect our community to each other and beyond.

Working in partnership

Note that this site (snc.digpins.org) is the public hub for those participating in the St. Norbert College (SNC) cohort. Kenyon, University of Southern Maine, and University of Michigan – Dearborn have public hubs of their own.

The content info for each focus area (pedagogy, identity, networks, and scholarship) that lists activities and content may slightly differ between hubs. Cohorts will also author blog posts only on their public hub. Members of the SNC cohort will blog on this site.

Facilitators for each school are:

Autumm Caines: St. Norbert College

Joe Murphy: Kenyon College

Damien Michaud: University of Southern Maine

Week 0 focus areas

Besides this high level overview information these following pages focus in on helpful information about #DigPINS

Participation – #DigPINS is an online connected learning experience. If you have never been part of a participatory networked learning community before you will find this info helpful.

Structure – What is a connected learning experience?

Digital Tools – #DigPINS uses a variety of digital tools and this page has details about many of them.

Schedule – What about timing? #DigPINS will be run throughout the month of January but this is a more detailed schedule.

#DigPINS is strongly inspired by University of Mary Washington’s Domain of One’s Own Project, their faculty training initiative, and the Community of Inquiry model. #DigPINS is an openly licensed template that can be found at http://digpins.org/