My two Twitters

After making the effort to expand the accounts that I follow on Twitter and look for professional communities and opportunities to engage with in developing a PLN, my Twitter feed now feels like I’m standing in the median of the Autobahn. At the suggestion of fellow DigPiners, I recently started using Tweet Deck to try to manage this traffic and start categorizing and making sense of everything that is flying by. However, volume of traffic has not been my only adjustment and what has been more significant to how I use Twitter is that I now have two Twitter user behaviors to manage. My longtime Twitter feed has gone from a feed of one-liner joke-tweets, fan boy interests, and updates on current events (5-10 minutes of scrolling and the occasional reading past the headline. Terrible. I know.) to one filled with more professional content and comments that require much more attention and investment than the Twitter and the Twitter user behavior that I am used to (I now have to stop and read?? And think??). I have found that I do not like crossing my personal and professional streams and seem to get distracted when they mix and force me to move from one user behavior to the other. I just started using Tweet Deck to further categorize tweets based on the author so that I can visually create these two streams and decide which version of Twitter and Twitter user behavior I want to engage in.

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