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Multiple Identities Take Work! – SNC #DigPINS

Multiple Identities Take Work!

In considering Digital Identity and mapping out how I interact in digital spaces, I realize I have multiple spaces that cross over and overlap. I comment on Reddit, post to Instagram, on Facebook I create invites to exhibitions and have pics of my garden and daughter. These don’t even consider the spaces I created. Artist friends work tirelessly at maintaining a strong and focused presence on multiple platforms, but the work involved is pretty daunting to sustain. As an artist, a digital presence is critical, but takes work and is about as exciting as cleaning out the refrigerator. I definitely have a few dead blogs and a website that needs updating. I guess my identities include teacher, artist and personal. The teacher and artist parts really come together and sometimes merge with the personal just so people know I am human. I think the digital space takes work, but can be anything you want it to be. Sometimes just creating a space for students is rewarding and learning for me. I need to work on keeping it updated!

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  1. Jessica Chandras

    I really like your metaphor of cultivating and curating your digital presence as cleaning out a refrigerator! Although you meant it as a comparison to how exciting that process is, I actually think it’s been helpful for me to think of posts or platforms as items I’m putting into a cupboard or display board and then I can reconfigure them or eliminate some if their shelf lives expire. They’re not sorts of time capsules I need to hang onto or keep online forever, frozen in time. Thanks!

  2. Debbie

    I think the metaphor came to me since our digital footprint needs to be constantly maintained like a fridge where we clean out the old to make way. Great observation.

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