Me, Myself, and My Digital Identity

Something I have learned throughout the time I have spent building my digital identity is that it isn’t always easy to come across how you want to other people online. It’s almost impossible for every single person that reads a post to understand the tone and perspective that the author intended. In my case, when I post something on social media, a majority of my audience knows me personally, making it is easier for them to interpret my post as I intended. My goal when posting online is to have someone read it and think, “I can picture him saying this,” or, “This is exactly something he would say.” With the start of DigPINS and seeing all these new faces, I figured rather than try to express my thoughts and ideas in writing, I would do something a little different

A little side note: I tried uploading the video directly through WordPress but for some reason it would only take the audio. YouTube was my next option and it seemed to work perfectly. I also have at least 20 clips of me saying “Hello everyone, my name is Nate…” because I had to correct my “um”s and stumbling across transitions from topics

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  1. Susan

    Thanks for stepping out and doing a Vlog for this blog. I think this is a great way for us to get to know you even better and connect with you. Your honesty of “retakes” in creating this is very transparent and although some may look at this information as making vlogging a challenge, I see it as an encouragement. I would be thrilled to see more vlogs!

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