#DigPINS Kernels

We have three weeks to get through an exploration of digital impacts on four major topics:

  • Pedagogy
  • Identity
  • Networks
  • Scholarship

Each of these are extremely nuanced and complex areas and it should not be our goal to cover each of these comprehensively.

Rather, our charge is to ‘seed’ a larger conversation and ongoing practice in these areas.

Kernel is a metaphor; it is there to remind us to stay practical about the scope of what we can cover in three weeks time.

Kernels are covered as follows (Links will come live as content is added):

Kernel 1: Jan 3-8th. Digital Identity

Liminal Day: Jan. 8th

Kernel 2: Jan. 8th – 13th. Digital Networks

Liminal Day: Jan. 13th

Kernel 3: Jan 13th – 18th. Digital Scholarship

Liminal Day: Jan. 18th

Kernel 4: Jan 18th – 24th. Digital Pedagogy

Liminal Day: Jan 24th

Our ‘kernels’ (or seeds) will grow on past the end of #DigPINS