Is there anybody out there, just nod if you can hear me!

It seems that there are so many venues to communicate in and on, but hard to capture the attention of many people consistently. I have a presence online, but doubt anyone consistently looks at it. I have found that I engage more readily with social media sites, such as Face book, twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. I usually have a picture that I comment on, rather than a written blog post. Mostly, responses are from a small circle of friends rather than a large group of strangers.

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  1. Autumm

    Nodding from over here Tom.

    Networks are tricky things. We all have them – a family is a network but we often also have networks of friends and coworkers. Breaking into a new network is hard and often does not come without you putting yourself out there a bit. We will talk more about networks next week.

  2. Taylor

    I think using online platforms for the small group interactions can be a good thing too. I tweet, and post on Instagram, but don’t have much of an audience there, its really just to share things with my small circle. I have a blog site that I write on somewhat infrequently, but the main audience for that site is really myself! Its just a place to write about things I am interested in at the time.

  3. Krissy Lukens

    Nodding Tom! One of the things I love about #DigPINS is that it is an entrance into beginning to create a new network, as Autumm mentions. Not always easy, but I’m so grateful for the people I’ve met through participation in this online experience. Like Taylor, my blogging (which I don’t do that often) has become more for me, which actually makes it a lot easier. Like you, I use a variety of social platforms for different purposes, and have ebbs and flows on my frequency of use. That is where I struggle the most – the balance between being an active participant and also taking time to unplug.

  4. Thomas Bolin (Tom)

    When I was a child, I had a fleeting glimpse…

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