DigPINS is Coming Back to St. Norbert College Summer of 2018 | June 18th – July 20th and we are partnering with Kenyon College

What is DigPINS?

DigPINS is an online faculty and staff development experience where participants engage with, talk about, and collaborate on ideas of Digital Pedagogy, Identity, Networks, and Scholarship. The experience has been run at St. Norbert College (SNC) for several years and there is an established, lightly active, online community.


This summer we are branching out and partnering with Kenyon College to deliver DigPINS. SNC and Kenyon will have our own digital spaces but will communicate with each other in open networks such as social media platforms.


We will use a variety of technology tools that fall all along the range of open to closed. In some technologies we will only be communicating with others from St. Norbert. Other communications will be open to the public.


DigPINS is an online experience that can be done from anywhere with an internet connection. Each week there will be a variety of events – many of which can be completed on your own time. Synchronous meetings will be scheduled based on participant schedules and recorded for those whose schedules do not permit. DigPINS does require a minimum of 3-5hrs a week of commitment though someone could spend more time if they were really dedicated. This summer DigPINS will run over a five week period with a break in the middle:

June 18th – July 1st: Identity and Networks
July 1st – 8th: Break
July 9th – 20th: Pedagogy and Scholarship



Contact Autumm Caines at autumm.caines@snc.edu. Wanting a glimpse of what DigPINS will be like? Check out last winter’s website at http://sncwinter18.digpins.org/