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Do you ever see a picture of a very expressive otter and think, “wow, that otter looks how I feel.” This happened to me yesterday as I attempted to begin my first ever blog post. I am in awe of those individuals who words seem to effortlessly flow out of into coherent, cohesive, and even captivating posts, articles, blogs, etc. 

Who am I online?

I googled myself this Monday to see what I would find. The answer is, not much! I have never had a Twitter account and only briefly had Snap-chat, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. The only other “traces” I found was an old wedding registry (oops) and a professional contact page that UW-Green Bay has yet to remove. I currently to do not have much in the way of a “digital identity.” 

Who would do I want to be? How would I like to curate my digital identity?

In an alternate reality, I think I would be active online on a blog or through Instagram or some other digital venue. I would be unfiltered, punchy, and awesome! But like I said….in an ALTERNATE reality. In this reality, when one slight misstep can follow you forever I cannot imagine being so free.

When I think about who I am – my irrational aversion to large swaths of technology and “the man” – I think that my digital identity is a very reserved and carefully curated one. It has taken me three days to write this much. Even now I am thinking, am I being to informal? What do I have to offer that is worth writing down? Will I be criticized by a colleague? Will everyone else be better than me?

I am usually absurdly confident but the internet, social media, technology  bring out this unabated apprehension. I am hopeful that #DigPINS will allow me to dip my toes in the water of crafting a digital identity and that my fellow cohort members will challenge me in new ways! 

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  1. Katie G

    Hi, Avery! I scrutinize every word and every thought before I put it “out there,” too! So, I understand just how paralyzing that can be. I also think that it is safe to assume that much like Planet Fitness Gyms, you you are in a judgement free zone.

    You might have the opposite problem that I have in that, I just googled you and your name is fairly common. I got all kinds of hits, but many of them were other people with the same name. This affords you with a certain amount of anonymity, but it would make me nervous because I would not want other people to confuse me with someone else with the same name!

    I´m glad that you are on this journey and it will be fun to see how this digital initiative will challenge us to reflect and grow in regards to our digital selves.

  2. C-C

    Hi, Avery! I’m so glad you are in this cohort. I’m a little bit behind you, and I’m tempted to just blog, “Ditto-see Avery’s post.”

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