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getting some ideas – SNC #DigPINS

getting some ideas

The PLN info got me thinking about two different PLNs:
1. I continue to work from a distance with a few students on moving deeper and deeper into contemplation. That process is very much me one-on-one with each of them individually but they could learn more and more deeply in a group conversation.
2. I have a pretty good ides who is interested in the online course the college wants me to teach. I could begin a PLN group with those prospective students. That could give me a better idea how I should shape the content of the course and how to use blogs etc. to teach.

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  1. Joseph Murphy

    I think the question of forming a PLN with members of a course is a really neat one. So much of our academic experience is constrained by the need for courses to begin one day and end on another. Thinking explicitly about the areas of overlap (and difference) between a PLN and a course seems fruitful.

    I’ve just finished an online experience which ended with the question “is there something more we can do together to keep this going?” Unfortunately, my schedule didn’t allow me to fully engage with that effort, but your prompt does encourage me to at least check in and see if there’s any way I can still be useful to that potential PLN.

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