The 2018 Full Spectrum Pedagogy (FSP) stipend

FSP Stipend is designated to support St. Norbert College’s faculty who wish to explore and implement (in community) changes in their teaching practice that elevate student learning through the use of digital pedagogy, open education, hybrid and online learning, developing digital literacies/competencies/citizenship in students, and other creative approaches to teaching and learning. Those looking to enhance and develop their digital practices, apply these practices to a current or new course, and who wish to collaborate in community while exploring and implementing these a approaches should consider applying for a FSP Stipend.

What is FSP?

St. Norbert College’s “full spectrum pedagogy” framework is designed to help faculty conceptualize a range of pedagogical possibilities, situate their current and projected practice on that range, and act as a guide for critical inquiry into how they might use technology to elevate student learning. The FSP model advocates for a strategy where we recognize that there are many different ways to learn and that the college experience should necessarily involve a range of pedagogical experiences.

Recipients of this award can apply at Level One or Level Two. Each level is awarded at $500 and Level Two is dependent on successful completion of Level One.

Eligibility and Stipend Details:

NEW!!! This summer we are opening the Exploration phase of the FSP Stipend to staff.

Anyone who teaches at St. Norbert College can apply for a Full Spectrum Pedagogy Stipend. Preference will be given to tenure line faculty.

Level One – Exploration $500

NEW – Staff may now apply for the Exploration phase.

Active Participation in #DigPINS over the Summer of 2018. Time commitment is estimated at 3-5hrs a week though more time can be spent if desired. Active participation includes online discussion in text chat, blogging, twitter chat, video calls and other digital means around common readings, videos, and other content. This year our collaboration with Kenyon College will add more depth to our collaboration. Only outcome of this level is to explore! Explore new tools, explore new ideas, explore in community with your colleagues at St. Norbert and beyond!

Level Two – Implementation $1000 Total

Implementation is for Faculty only at this time.

$500 from Level One (Required) and $500 Level Two

– Requirements:
– Successful completion of Level One
– Decide on a Project: The Implementation Phase is all about implementing a change to your pedagogy or scholarship to include a digital approach. This could be something small or large. Create a digtial assignment or an online module. Publish in an open online journal or create a video that describes your research. Be creative. You define your project for yourself.
– Plan: Two additional weeks of online collaboration using the channels and connections that we made in #DigPINS to collaborate and review your own and other’s project plans
– Implement: Use your plan to implement your project
– Disseminate: Present or write about your project so that our community can learn from your experience

To Apply

Apply for the FSP Stipend through the DigPINS registration form

To apply for the FSP stipend St. Norbert College faculty will submit a description of an area of interest in shifting their pedagogy to elevate student learning through digital pedagogy, open education, hybrid and online learning, developing digital literacies/competencies/citizenship in students, or other creative approaches to teaching and learning that they would like to explore during Summer #DigPINS 2018. Descriptions should include a self-assessment of your current level of comfort with this particular pedagogical approach and potential indicators of the impact of the changes on student learning.

Note about staff applications: If you are a staff member applying for the Exploration phase consider how you may teach students in more non-traditional ways – perhaps through mentorship, coaching, or work experiences. In terms of scholarship consider your professional development in terms of both how you keep yourself abreast of chanes and how you give back to your field.

This stipend is being offered by the Commons for Full Spectrum Learning, in collaboration with the Office of Faculty Development, Information Technology Services (ITS) and the Mulva Library, to enhance the use of technology in courses to support student learning and engagement.