Embracing Global Digital Diversity in PLNs

Reflecting on Sarah’s blog, I also find myself avoiding falling into a rabbit hole when it comes to the time spent in my attempt to establish a PLN. Shan’s time limit and Katie’s pomodoro suggestions are highly appreciated. I’m definitely going to take them into account as I continue exploring week 2’s dig. networks. In addition, I also find the recommended videos/readings extremely useful. Alison Seaman’s article is particularly interesting because it addresses ICTs, PLEs and PKM, which I’m certain will assist me in developing a strong currency in PLNs. Some of the key ideas are when she describes how digital isolation is a product of technical skills and an understanding of the social elements online. When used efficiently, PLN entails digital responsibility for two main reasons: 1) to have a sense of self-direction to work as required to develop one’s own digital and web literacies; and 2) to improve mutual learning which is based on trusting reciprocity. That is, a self-assessment is required to learn and share within networks. As someone who advocates for diversity, I am pleased to learn that a PLN avoids becoming an “echo chamber” while promoting global digital diversification.

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  1. Reid

    It is valuable to have a window into your thinking. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Luis

      Reid, Thank you for helping organize this project. I’m glad to participate this summer.

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