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Do you OACA? – SNC #DigPINS

Do you OACA?

This is another week of illuminating information in DigPINS. As a teacher/scholar interested in up-to-date research and teaching resources, I have continuously benefited from open access (OA) resources. My participation in DigPINS, however, has provided me with new and important knowledge regarding OA material, as Jim Ottaviani indicates in his article “The Post-Embargo Open Access Citation Advantage: It Exists (Probably), It’s Modest (Usually), and the Rich Get Richer (of Course).” More specifically, I’m interested in continuing exploring one of Jim’s key arguments: open access citation advantage (OACA), which would benefit authors in producing more citation activity. He suggests that it is the authors’ best interest to publish in a more open access environment because it would benefit them substantially. The effect of open access publications increases the citation curve–or as Jim reassures us, “when an article benefits from being OA, it benefits a lot.” What a convincing thought!

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