#DigPINS 2019

My #DigPINS Journey

When I joined the summer 2019 DigPINS cohort I had a morsel of an idea to create a hybrid online/in person course to offer during May term.  As a result of careful contemplation of the readings and fellow DigPIN-er blog posts, I emerged with a fresh perspective on digital identity and digital learning experiences that changed the trajectory of my plan.  

I ultimately decided to focus on a project that would not simply change the format of an existing course, but to implement technology in a way that would elevate student learning. Susan Ashley was an incredible resource and offered many suggestions of how to accomplish this, including in integrating the Seesaw platform into my EDUC 317 General Music in the Elementary School course.  Through the use of this intuitive online platform I was able to film and easily share footage of the fourteen teachers-in-training demonstrating their competencies in “micro-teach” episodes. Each student completed a total of five of these teaching demonstrations throughout the semester.  Students received feedback from me and also completed self-reflections and peer-to-peer evaluations. Seesaw allowed me to easily organize, share, and evaluate their work. For their final microteach Susan filmed all of the demonstrations using the 360 camera to allow students the opportunity to think critically about the teaching environment in their classroom as a whole, and not just to focus exclusively on their role as facilitators in the classroom.  

At the conclusion of Fall 2019 I now have a total of 140 pieces of evidence that is organized in the Seesaw platform.  As this course has a second part (EDUC 318 General Music in the Secondary School), one of the goals will be to introduce both the Seesaw platform along with several other relevant digital music curriculum resources to students so that they can integrate these into their own classrooms in the future. 

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  1. Reid

    I appreciate your exploration of strategies to elevate the learning of your students. As important is the modeling of strategies that your students can employ as teachers in the K12 general music classroom. Your willingness to take a calculated risk and work collaboratively with our academic technologist demonstrates the commitment to creating impactful integration of face-to-face strategies with technology which exemplifies what we hope for within the Full Spectrum Learning framework. Thank you!

  2. Susan Ashley

    Your use of technology to elevate learning has been innovative and is directly aligned with the value of student feedback and interaction. The recordings and reflection pieces bring the experience and learning to a whole new level. You have created a safe space for exploring new ideas which motivates students to reach higher and thus continually grow in their teaching methods, both for them as educators and for their future students. Getting feedback from the students from the 360 recordings may be quite interesting. I would be thrilled to hear what they have to say about this type of review and analysis of their Micro-teach lessons. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and creating an atmosphere for active learning.
    Great Work!

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