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Digital Pedagogy – SNC #DigPINS

Digital Pedagogy

Sorry to say, I fell behind a bit in digpins due to a variety of responsibilities but I am back at it in high gear. Saying that, I also have to say that I am both impressed by, and overwhelmed by the various resources that are available. In a way the abundance of possibilities, which is certainly a positive, strikes at one of my weaknesses. That is, I love to explore all sorts of new and exciting formats but do not spend the time to master any one of them and rather, like a bumble bee, simply move from one approach to another not utilizing any one of them. This tendency reflects my basic aversion of recognizing limits but that goes into a philosophical discussion that will have to be postponed. Remembering a bit of advice I got from a colleague at the beginning of the Covid-19 lock down, I need to focus and select a few, new techniques and incorporate them more integrally into the approach I have developed over the past few months. Having said that, and given the recognition of a spectrum of critical uncertainties that face us this upcoming fall, I plan on structuring my courses with an eye toward overall digital pedagogy of which online learning will be a part. Utilizing key activities from “Liberating Structures,” this approach enables me to think of my classes in a way that is not too overwhelming and will provide a framework that is portable from a f2f to total on-line format.

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  1. Taylor

    Facilitating an engaging discussion remotely can be difficult and requires intentional design. I think Liberating Structures can be such a powerful tool for this.

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