Confronting the Dragon

I have found the week 2 materials both enlightening and frustrating.

Enlightening as I recognize that in many ways I have been developing a PLN without knowing it (joining forums dedicated to my work and interests, collaborating with others met through like-minded groups, etc.). A happy little coincidence, I suppose.

Frustrating as it has drawn my attention to the barrier I encounter each time I get excited about developing my Digital Identity…perfectionism. I do not consider myself a perfectionist. Yet I seem to find just enough wrong with any performance and I am unable to share it out of some form of “posting paralysis”. It seems the only way to deal with it is to jump into the deep end of the pool. This is the year!

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  1. Autumm Caines

    I love how you framed this Eric. I wrote about a “Pedagogy of Imperfection” a few years ago and figured I would share with you as it bridges the networks week and the pedagogy week and addresses this dragon that you speak of.

  2. Eric

    Thanks Autumn! I know it is a common issue but it is really nice to read how you wrote about it. It both comforting and encouraging.

  3. Shan Bryan-Hanson

    I’ve felt this, too. In truth though, process posts, which are usually messy, are my favorite things to read and look at online. There is nothing better than getting small glimpses of an artist’s studio process and the imperfection of these types of posts is part of the magic!

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