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Hi Everyone, This is the first blog I ever write. It’s exciting to be able to collaborate on this platform and create a digital id! Mapping out my digital identification for digPINS made me realize that I’ve been most invested on creating a professional id, whether that is as resident or visitor. Some of the key points that stand out from my own VR-map which I’d like to comment on at this time are the following two: 1) Blogging is an entirely new experience for me. I didn’t think of creating a blog before. Perhaps one of the reasons is my own mis/understanding of the time needed to keep a blog. I knew that digPINS requires one and I’m willing (and definitely ready!) to get out of my comfort zone to explore this new component of an online id. And 2) My dig. id as a “resident-professional” has lately been working on research publications; more specifically, working on articles and in a more carefully-planned timeline has been my book-length manuscript for the past two-and-a-half years (in addition to teaching, of course). This entails keeping a very active mode of engagement in sharing my work with reviewers/editors in Google docs. In addition, this summer in particular, I’ve been fully engaged with the e.Proofing system, which is a new online editing tool for me. It’s been gratifying to have been able to edit my book using e.Proofing. I’ve been able to remotely correct my work, which makes the editing process so much faster. Simply put: fascinating!

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  1. autumm

    Welcome to the world of blogging Luis! It does take a fair amount of time – one of the reasons that I decided to have everyone blog here rather than create their own blogs is because I know not everyone will want to maintain their own blog. If you ever do want to start blogging in your own environment let me know.

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