Being Comfortable Online

After creating my V&R map I noticed that I reside mostly on the visitor side of the internet. Like others, I sometimes hesitate to share things online. However, I think this reluctance is subconscious, at least in the case of personal postings. On personal platforms I should be comfortable with my audience since it is made up of mostly friends and family. I saw an Instagram post talking about how hesitating to share in personal spaces can be related to fear of “getting political” or being judged by peers. Both of these situations encourage a reevaluation of your personal online space and who that space is shared with. Since many people distinguish between personal and institutional platforms, I think it’s important to be comfortable online in our personal spaces, especially for those just establishing a digital presence.

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  1. Debbie Kupinsky

    I totally understand not wanting controversy, but the space can be anything you want it to be. Sometimes I just link to some art thing I find interesting.

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