I was twenty-eight years old when my great grandmother died at the age of 103. She was born while the Civil War was being fought here and her native Italy was struggling to come to unification. Thirteen days ago my mother celebrated her one hundredth birthday. I am seventy-seven years old and still grieving the demise of the goose quill pen! Many of my St Norbert College colleagues – and certainly my students – know that I am techno-avoidant. I recognize and know the significance of abbreviation scribbles in medieval manuscripts but miss completely the significance of “the waffle” and fear to open it lest it wipe out my draft of this coming Sunday’s sermon.

But, not to worry. The ITS staff of St Norbert College (SNC) lives and breathes from the school’s ideal of radical hospitality. Word on the walkways of our bucolic campus has it that I, Father Andrew, hold the record for more “tickets” than any other member of the community (a “ticket” is the record kept every time the ITS staff comes to rescue a Green Knight from techno trouble). Recognition of this my dubious achievement is evidenced being in the holder of the only SNC ITS Radical Service Desk VIP CLUB Lifetime Member Card – valid from wherever I call in.

You may well ask what I’m doing in this #digpins experience. Good question. Our college’s Theology – Religious Studies discipline needs my expertise for a required course in its Master of Theological Studies program and I, perhaps foolishly, agreed to teach the course on line. Enter my ITS Service Desk VIP CLUB status. Four (you’d think one would be enough, wouldn’t you) ITS colleagues have begun introducing me to google classroom and other alchemical technology leading to my shaping and teaching the course. But we’ve decided to put that instruction on hold while I join you in this summer #digpins new learning.

Alert. If at any point everything crashes, it may be because I opened “the waffle!”

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  1. Taylor Jadin

    I hope you enjoy this experience! Hopefully DigPINS proves to be a good way to explore the many different ways online teaching can work and be effective!

  2. Susan Ashley

    Your enthusiastic approach to using technology is enlightening to many. Although the “waffle” may be daunting, your ability to embrace new tools to support effective teaching online is astonishing. Enjoy DigPINS and the camaraderie of others taking part in this learning community.

  3. Joyce

    Thanks for sharing your history and for joining us in the course. You are already on your way to becoming more adept at finding your voice online. You have in me someone close to your years, and I encourage you to trust those instincts that have brought you this far, and expect to have some fun! Joyce

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