DigPINS will be offered for Summer of 2020 starting on June 1st and ending June 26th

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What is #DigPINS?

#DigPINS offers a connected learning experience to explore digital pedagogy, identity, networks and scholarship in an online community. We recommend this experience to any faculty or staff who want to explore online learning communities and how this can lead to unique learning opportunities for students. #DigPINS is designed to welcome anyone that has an interest in teaching and learning, whether you consider yourself comfortable teaching in online spaces or if you are just getting started. 

#DigPINS is a place to:

  • Consider how your identity, as a teacher and a scholar, is perceived in a digital context
  • Think about and question digital influences on education
  • Practice navigating (both socially and technically) different digital environments – both open and more private
  • Find overlaps and intersections of these digital topics with colleagues from our network schools at:
    • Kenyon College
    • University of Michigan-Dearborn
    • The American University in Cairo
    • Colgate University
    • An open cohort of educators from around the world!

What does participating in #DigPINS look like?

Participation in #DigPINS is based around discussion. Each week there are a couple readings and activities that you check out at your own pace, then you bring your thoughts on the week’s content back to the larger group discussion. We communicate with our cohort and with peers from other schools via blog posts, online chat, and Twitter. All together, you should expect to spend 2 – 4 hours per week exploring content and participating in discussion. We would also encourage you to check out the blog posts on our #DigPINS website to get a better idea of what #DigPINS is about!