Days Late, Dollars Short


Is there a word for “several days late and many dollars short?”  I’m harkening back to the last of my doc program days, where I managed to continue putting off my assignments until very late.  Part of the challenge for me, as we discussed in our phone call, that I’m still not certain I have much to contribute.  I want to learn more, though, so I will plow forward … proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that I, truly, do not have much to contribute.


I have not Googled myself yet, though I have dabbled in many digital platforms over time, mostly in an attempt to learn the technology.  So I actually have a Facebook, Instagram, StoryCorps, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp, and Snapchat account, and have posted at least one post in every one of these (I guess not WhatsApp) … but just never tend to think about how, why, or if to post something there.  As I shared in the phone call, too, if I am struck by a beautiful sunrise or some other image, I have more and more often posted those, primarily on Facebook.  But it matters not to me whether I get 1 “like” or 1,000.  My wife and daughter, on the other hand, actively/aggressively count the number of “likes” their posts get, as compared to others’.


This will sound ridiculous, given what I’ve just shared, but in part, because I have listed my social media accounts on my cv, I feel like I should be paying more attention, in the form of providing care and feeding for my accounts.  My hope is that this work will help me do that.

Also counterintuitively, I really do feel like I wish I could put some good into the digital world, “good” either because something I might share could provide a positive counterpoint to so much of the garbage that exists (primarily in comments sections, I suppose), or because sometime I think things just need to be said.  If no one else is saying them, then I’d like to be able to do so.

As with this post, at the end of our time together I may have proven once again beyond the shadow of a doubt that, no, I do NOT have anything the world needs, and even that would be helpful, I suppose.

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  1. autumm

    I think you are too hard on yourself Corday. You are always so inquisitive about new approaches to tech and have great questions.

  2. C-C

    This struck a chord with me: “…something I might share could provide a positive counterpoint to so much of the garbage that exists.” There is so much bla bla bla on the internet, and I passively read it, and silently shake my head. For whatever reason, after 30 years of this being sufficient for me, I feel more internal pressure to create content and participate actively.
    Thanks for putting that feeling into words.

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